Hampshire bryophytes

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Hampshire 10km distribution maps

These maps show the current distribution of all the main recognised taxa that have been recorded in Hampshire at 10km (hectad) resolution. The maps were produced from QGIS using a batch utility developed by the Field Studies Council which takes screen grabs of each map and saves them as image files. Unfortunately the utility does not allow for mapping date bands, so two maps have (usually) been produced for each taxon. The first shows the pre-1990 historical records and the second more recent records for 1990 onwards (corresponding to the date bands used in the 2014 Atlas). If the first map is missing it means the taxon was first recorded after 1989 and if the second map is missing there are no records since that year. The maps show some records that have been submitted since the Atlas was published and hopefully more will be added and the maps updated in the coming months. We would like to express out thanks to the British Bryological Society and to Oli Pescott at the Biological Records Centre for his assistance in supplying and managing the datasets. The BBS Atlas dataset is now on the NBN Gateway.

Where possible, sensu lato and sensu stricto entries for the same species have been amalgamated into one or other entity and some taxa that have been recorded to subspecies level have been combined with the sensu lato species where no other subspecies exists in the county. Records for Schistidium apocarpum agg. have been combined with those for S. crassipilum. Quite a bit more checking and sorting out needs to be done along these lines.

Fred Rumsey and I are of course indebted to the past recorders who have so much useful work on the bryophytes of the county. Within South Hants (VC11) Jean Paton did a lot of recording during her short stay from about 1957 to 1960 and published a bryophyte flora of the vice-county in 1961. More recently Rod Stern covered the vice-county methodically over many years on a 5km square basis and produced his Atlas of the Bryophtes of South Hampshire in 2010 (this publication also includes a facsimile of Jean Paton's flora). In North Hants (VC12) the late Alan Crundwell carried out diligent recording during the 1980s. However, part of the reason for setting up this web site is to publicise the somewhat poor state of existing data on bryophytes in the county (at least in the recent 25 year period) and hence to encourage more recording. The gaps in the data are not too obvious when the records are viewed at 10km resolution, but become apparent at the 5km resolution and smaller scales. The map below shows that perhaps more work could be done across north Hampshire generally and some of the corners and coastal areas are probably under-recorded, even if some of them only contain small portions of land actually within one of the two vice-counties.

Species richness

The map opposite shows the total number of taxa recorded per 10km square for the two Hampshire vice-counties; thus:

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right (2015).

number of taxa per 10km square