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Argiope bruennichi (Wasp Spider), female

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Close up of head
Photograph — Staunton Country Park,
Hampshire, UK, 16-Aug-2006

First recorded in Britain in 1922 in East Sussex. Most records are from southern England.
It is widespread in western Europe.
(Source: NBN (National Biodiversity Network) Gateway database, 28-Jul-2001. (NBN has over 100 million records as at Feb-2015).
Link to NBN Gateway: http://data.nbn.org.uk/

I have seen this spider at 7 sites in Gosport, including in my own garden (for a short time only in late summer/autumn of 2014, & 2015), and elsewhere in Hampshire.

I would like to find out more about how venomous this spider is. I believe that it is probably no more venomous than many other British spiders, i.e. harmful only to grasshoppers, butterflies, etc.

Mike from Woodingdean on the South Downs emailed me (25-Sept-2006) saying that he had seen one outside his garden gate.   Thanks Mike

There are some close up pics showing Argiope bruennichi female, male, and egg sace in the previous pages back to female.

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